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Building Efficiency Through Engineering

We are not limited to but can provide the following services for your needs....

·         System Audits,

o        System Testing,

o        Operational Testing,

·         Site Surveys,

o        Status Reporting,

o        Recommendations,

o        Information is detailed to our clients in the following format,

§         How a particular service or maintenance task will impact upon other related elements of the system,

§         Plant Performance,

§         Possible mechanical defects,

§         Design faults in the control system architecture.

·         System Service,

o        Levels of Service Agreement to meet your requirements,

·         Remote Monitoring (Interface required)

o        Remote access of systems for monitoring and control of plant,

·         System Design,

o        Design levels to meet your installation requirements,

·         Installation,

o        Full Control System Installation, Including,

§         Electrical Installation,

§         Mechanical Installation,

·         Commissioning,

o        Pre-Commissioning,

o        Commissioning,

o        Re-Commissioning,

·         Witnessing,

o        On site witnessing of systems,

o        Off site witnessing of systems,

·         Documentation,

o        Compilation of documentation to meet your installation.

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